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Welcome to Armstrong Hub!  The staff in Amstrong Hub are:

Year 1 Armstrong RF - Mr Ford

Year 2 Armstrong MN - Mr Nagar

Year 2 Armstrong SM - Miss Miller 

Term 6 - Courage to build anything!

This term we are learning all about courage and how we can show courage. We are will be exploring how Traction Man showed courage by patrolling the house and saving the toys that needed help. We will be thinking about any changes we would like to make which shows how we can show courage and why we think those changes are important, just like Traction Man!

P.E. days

Children come to school wearing their PE kit on the days when they have P.E. The school P.E. kit consists of a red t shirt, black/navy shorts and white/black slip-on plimsolls (daps).  Children also require P.E. kit suitable for use on the field (including the winter months), which consists of black/navy tracksuit/jogging bottoms, a PE hoodie and trainers.

Year 1RF - Tuesday and Thursday

Year 2 MN -Monday and Wednesday

Year 2 Armstrong AM - Monday and Wednesday

Our homework this term will focus on spelling, reading and number skills. Each week the children will be given their homework which will be stuck in their purple homelearning book and it will have 5 key maths questions that are similar to what we have been learning in the classroom. Homework will be set each Thursday and homework will be colleted each Tuesday. 


We encourage the children to read 5 times a week.  The children’s reading records should be brought into school each day but will be checked each Friday and stamped. 

We really encourage children to read as often as possible at home. They will be given 2 books that match their phonics level and 1 'zone' book that is their reading for pleasure book. In addition the children will also have high frequency words to practise at home too. 

We understand that life can be very busy and appreciate that you may not have time to read for long periods of time each evening. You may read for 5 minutes or 20 minutes depending on how engaged your child is with the book. 

Once the children have read 30 times they will receive a bronze certficate which will be announced in our achievement assembly. When they reach 50 reads they will beable to choose a bookmark and finally when they reach 100 reads they will be able to choose a book from our exciting collection!

Year 1 Spelling

Spelling in Year 1 is based around the phonics sounds that we will be learning in class. Some weeks, the spelling focus will shift towards our tricky words that we learn in Year 1. Spelling tests will start in term 2. 

Year 2 Spelling 

In Year 2, the children will continue to revise and recap their phonics knowledge for the first couple of terms, before we begin a focus on specific spelling rules.  They will also be recapping and learning words from the Year 1 and 2 spelling list. We will be practising these in school, the spelling test is a really good opportunity for them to show off their hard work. When they complete the spelling test, they will use the word in a simple sentence to build up their spelling fluency. 

 Times Tables Rockstars

Times tables Rockstars is a fantastic way for your child to practise their times tables.      

Key Texts

Term 1 - The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson

Term 2 - Leah's Star by Margaret Bateson - Hill 

Term 3 - Florence Nightingale Famous Lives by Lucy Lethbridge 

Term 4 - Year 1 - The Tale of the Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt

Year 2 - Doctor Smart and the Case of the Empty Tomb by Tim Chester 

Term 5 - Year 1 - Books Make Good Pets

Year 2 - The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom Mclaughlin

Term 6 - 

Year 2 - Traction Man