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King SBG medium term plan term 6  

King AB Term 6 Medium Term Plan 

Year 5 and 6 spelling word list

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Our staff

Year 5 (King AB) – Miss Anna Britton, Mrs Amelia Pryor.

Year 6 (King SBG) – Miss Suzanne Bingham-Green, Mrs Sandra Broadbent, Mrs Angela Kenway

This term –  "Courage, Community, Change" 

Every term, we will be focusing on one of our Christian values and linking that with our learning. In term 6, our value is courage and we will therefore be exploring big questions surrounding how we show courage in our daily lives as well as reseraching notable figures in religion and the courage they needed to foster change. Within Geography, we will be learning more about the changes that have taken place in reference to both human and physical features in our local area, as well as inspiring our learners to explore more about countries in different continents.

In our DT lessons, King will focus on food waste and sustainability to begin with, in order to understand how we could positively affect change in the way our world treats food. We will be investigating different foods associated with different cultures and countries and complete our theme this term with creating our own dishes linked with ingredients from around the world!

King SBG will have the pleasure of continuing our Jsax music lessons this term, too, which we loved starting last term! Please explore the curriculum medium term plans above at the top of the page for more information on what we will be learning in King hub this term.

Home Learning

For this term, in terms of home learning, we will be asking the children to continue focusing on Times Tables Rockstars, spellings, grammar and reading. Each week, the children will receive their instructions on a sheet, with a separate grammar exercise sheet. 

Timetables Rockstars – All children are expected to access TT Rockstars at home, this can be accessed through a computer, tablet or phone. If you have any difficulties with access or your child has forgotten their password and login, please let their teacher know. In Year 5 and 6, we would expect children to be accessing TT Rockstars approximately 5 times a week, for on average 5-10 minutes at a time. 3 out of 5 of those sessions are monitored as official home learning sessions, which will be checked by the child’s class teacher every week to ensure they have been completed.

Spelling – Attached on this webpage is the Y5/6 spelling list, a list of words that children would be expected to spell most of correctly by the end of Y6. Spellings for the week will be given out with homework.

Reading - Continuing from previous years, children will be expected to read 5x a week at home. Children are welcome to read their choice of book in this time but it should be recorded in their reading record, which will be taken in and checked on a Friday. In Year 6, we allow the children to write in their own reading records but I have explained to them that they will still require a signature from an adult. Additionally, we would ask that your child brings their reading record everyday to school if they can, as children will being read with by an adult on differing days. Children will be given 2/3 reading books from school, 1 age-appropriate book of their choice and 1 or 2 from our school reading scheme. They will change their reading books on a Friday and can then bring in their reading books they have finished throughout the week to be quarantined; if they have not finished, they can keep those books for another week.

P.E. days

Children are asked to come to school wearing their PE kit on the days when they have P.E. The school P.E. kit consists of a red t shirt, black/navy shorts and white/black slip-on plimsolls (daps). Children should not be wearing Football shirts. Children also require P.E. kit suitable for use on the field (including the winter months), which consists of black/navy tracksuit/jogging bottoms, a PE hoodie and trainers.

This term, Year 5 will be swimming each Wednesday and will need swimming kits, including a towel.  

Year 5 and 6 PE days are the same this term and are on Wednesday and Friday.

Our key texts

Term 1 –  Escape from Pompeii, Empire's End

Term 2 - Song of the Dolphin Boy, The Rhythm of the Rain 

Term 3 - Willow Pattern Story

Term 4 - Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover, Hidden Figures

Term 5 - Wonder

Term 6 - The Wonder Garden