Art at Pucklechurch


Curriculum Intent

Art and Design at Pucklechurch is colourful, innovative and exciting. Art is delivered through a motivating and inspiring curriculum where pupils are introduced to the work of artists and designers and challenged to interpret and respond to these artworks using a range of materials and specific techniques. We are passionate about creating projects to nurture the creative imagination and encourage all pupils from Reception through to Year 6, to experiment, explore and take risks.

Curriculum Implementation

At Pucklechurch, we have a specialist art room which the children use to complete a range of art projects. We value the traditional skills of observational drawing and teach pupils to question what they ‘see’ and explore with their eyes: developing an awareness of line, scale, pattern, shape, colour, tone and texture.

Pupils are taught specific drawing skills and also guided to investigate using a variety of different media, such as clay, paint, textiles, charcoal, collage, printing and photography. Pupils are also taught how to use art equipment appropriately.

We are very lucky to have a range of specialists amongst our parents including practising artists, designers, builders, carpenters and photographers who can bring their passions to school to enrich the pupils’ experiences of the creative industries. Pupils create work to form art galleries, which their peers and parents are invited to see.