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Computing at Pucklechurch


At Pucklechurch, children are taught the impact of technology in our changing digital world, the skills in which to use systems and an understanding of doing this safely.


At Pucklechurch, the computing curriculum covers a range of knowledge and skills which children will use within other curriculum subjects and in their daily lives, both at home and at school. Across the school, we follow a progressive scheme of work called 'teach computing'. 

Our children learn through the use of a range of digital technology: computers, cameras, recording equipment, movement sensors and programmable robots.

The curriculum content falls under 4 broad headings:

    • Computing systems and networks
    • Creating media
    • Programming
    • Data information

We are fortunate enough to have a range of resources in which support the teaching and learning of computing skills such as beebots, iPads and a portable laptop suite.

E-safety is hugely valued across our computing curriculum. The children's safety when online is of paramount importance to us and serves as a foundation for all we do. We have a designated e-safety week every year which supports the constant guidance and information that the children reaceive in this area. 

Recently, we put on an e-safety presentation for parents. Here are the slides...

E-safety presentation

Every computing lesson begins with a reminder about e-safety. Here are the posters that EYFS, KS1 and KS2 looks at...

E-safety posters


Children at Pucklechurch are kept fully up to date with our ever changing technical world thanks to our newly implemented computing scheme of work which has revitalised and enhanced the way that we teach computing across the school. The children will become aware of how to use iPads, laptops, cameras, beebots and more as they progress through our exciting and varied curriculum. They will be taught have to programme computers to follow instructions as well as how computing sytems work and about the uses of data. They are constantly progressing in these areas thanks to the clear skills progression that is in place across the school. 

Digi Crew

Our Vision

“As a crew, we want to support children in our school from EYFS through to Year 6 as they have fun and learn on line. In a digital world, we want to keep children and their families safe. We will persevere and work together to achieve this.” written by Digi Crew

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