Outdoor Learning at Pucklechurch 

At Pucklechurch CE VC Primary School, we are passionate about encouraging children to learn in the outdoors. Evidence shows that regular outdoor learning can boost educational performance, improve children's development and increase the quality of their physical and mental health. We see this in all our outdoor lessons - happy, engaged children working together in out beautiful natural spaces.

Our Intent

At Pucklechurch we want to;

  •  Increase opportunities for children to develop reading, writing and mathematical skills within outdoor learning.
  • Ensure that outdoor learning provision contains a range of opportunities for outdoor learning experiences that enhance and challenge all learners to excel academically, morally, socially and physically.
  • Ensure that children can demonstrate a practical use of our school values through outdoor learning which creates appropriate differentiation and challenge.

Our Implementation

At Pucklechurch, we have a dedicated weekly outdoor learning slot is timetable and we have generous grounds and forest area.

We are developing teacher knowledge to identify more varied outdoor learning opportunities, making stronger cross curricular links between outdoor learning and core subjects, and making stronger links to our school values through outdoor learning. 


By the time children leave our school all children will have enjoyed hands-on experiences learning outdoors. This will add to and deepen their understanding and learning in a wide variety of curriculum areas. They will have developed imagination and creativity through exploration of the outdoors and will have developed resilience through challenging activities and working in all weathers. They also will have developed co-operation skills through teamwork. Pupils will have a good understanding of nature, the world around us, growing plants and vegetables and will have contributed to the development of our school grounds and looking after the world around us.