School Values

We see our values in the children's everyday learning experiences. .







At Pucklechurch Primary School, children, through their learning, are given the opportunity to appreciate God’s given gifts they and others have. This is done through our focus on Christian Values ‘Friendship’, ‘Courage’, ‘Respect’, ‘Generosity’, ‘Compassion’ and ‘Forgiveness’ . These values are central to shaping children’s social and philosophical interactions. They are explicit in the daily vocabulary of adults and children, rewards and recognition for how we wish children to participate in school and the community and, through Collective Worship, they are directly aligned with the Values for Life.

Our values represent our commitment to developing the ‘whole child’ and allowing them to achieve a spirituality based on tangible responses to and behaviours in the world around them. The most important thing to us is that they are real and part of what we do. That’s why you can see them displayed all around school in various forms: from the artistic Values boards to the displays in the classrooms; from the school logo to the headers and footers on our documents.

Spirituality is the sum total of you in action and children at Pucklechurch engage with the journey of life’s discoveries using all of their senses. We are mindful of Lord Soper’s analogy. When asked ‘Where is the soul in the body?’ He replied, ‘Where the music is in the organ!’ You can take an organ or a piano to pieces and you will not find the music. It is only there when it is made into a living thing by somebody else.’