Staff face coverings - All staff will now be asked to wear visors or a mask when greeting families and talking to visitors. This means that teachers and TAs will have face coverings on when they are on the classroom doors in the mornings and after school and so will anyone outside who is greeting you. Office staff will also put these on when talking to you at the hatch if you need to come into school. We are enabling all staff to wear these whilst teaching but are not enforcing this as it can make teaching children very challenging.

Face Masks - We’d really appreciate it if all parents/carers and anyone who is bringing the children to school and collecting them at the end of the day wear face masks. We know that you are outside but there are areas around the school sites that can become congested so social distancing is harder to maintain and we feel this would help make the sites even safer. This won’t be something we ‘police’ and if you happen to forget please don’t feel you have to go home to collect one but if you can make every attempt to wear one on site, we would be very grateful.