School Meals

Welcome to our School Cafe. Julie Eames, the Kitchen Manager, along with her team of kitchen assistants, offer hot meals which are cooked on the premises.

We consider lunchtime to be an enormously important part of the day for most children and therefore encourage them to take responsibility for how they approach their meal. We provide proper plates and dishes for their meals, encourage the children to choose where they sit and to have positive conversations whilst they eat.

We provide a hot school meal with a pudding. Salad is available for children to try with all meals and there is always a vegetarian option on the menu. Drinks are provided by the kitchen for those children having hot meals.

If parents have any questions regarding the food that we provide or your child has any dietary needs/allergies, then Julie is always happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help.

Julie introduces the children to new food by having taster and themed days.

Packed lunches

You may prefer your child to bring in a packed lunch. This must be in a suitable, clearly named container. If a child forgets or loses their packed lunch, a hot lunch will be provided and the relevant amount charged to the parents. We try to ensure that children return all uneaten food, wrappers, etc to their lunch box to be brought home so that you can see what they are eating

Drinks may be brought in as part of the packed lunch. They must:-
  • Not be in glass containers or be cans of fizzy drink.
  • The carton or flask must be contained within the sandwich box.
  • Storage facilities for packed lunches are limited.
  • The container should have a strong top to prevent leakage but the child should be able to open it themselves.

Please do not send in soup as part of a packed lunch. As a hot drink can be dangerous for both your child and other children at the table.

Dinner Money
Dinner money can be paid online via ParentPay which gives you the opportunity to pay up to a term ahead!
If you have any queries regarding dinner money payments please contact the school office. School dinners cost £2.35 per day - £11.75 per week.
Free School Meals
Applications for free school meals may be made directly with South Gloucestershire Council. Please contact South Glos on 01454 868008.
Please click here to see the leaflet for more details on whether you are entitled to free school meals.